Role in the Project: Visual Ineraction Designer

#THISIS is one of the the outcomes of workshop I attended at the Master of Interaction Design in Lugano with Antonio De Pasquale and Ivan Provenzale from Frog. The goal of the workshop was to help CORSI, the swiss national television's sconsumerism agency, to reach a younger and new kind of audience. The biggest challenge in this project was the time factor: we had to come out with a concept, refine it, design visuals and prepare the pitch presentation for the client in just four days. The project consists in a muti-touchpoint echosistem that allows the client to establish a direct connection with the target. Everything starts with an advertyising capaign made on the territory to ask people to express their opinions on a topic using social networks. The campaign has a very distinctive and bold language: only the hashtag with the ongoing campaign is dislayed on a bright colured background. All the hashtag are collected using the APIs from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the #THISIS platform.

We decided to show this idea to the client because of its simplicity and because it could be realizable in a very short time and with a low economical effort. The idea is also scalable to whatever event or campaign they will organize in the future.